Sports Mouth Guards

Statistically, sports related activities contribute to nearly one third of all dental injuries. That’s a big number! Violent contact can result in soft tissue lacerations, loss of teeth, root canals, and concussions. Wearing protective devices in sports can reduce these injuries to the face and oral cavity.

One of the athletes I coach recently had a face to face meeting with a soccer ball. She suffered a bloody nose and a laceration to her upper lip. Had she been wearing a mouth guard, the laceration to her lip could have been diminished. Thus, the American College of Prosthodontics (ACP) strongly recommends mouth guards for contact and recreational sports.

Custom-fitted mouth guards have proven to be the most effective. They are likely to last at least through your child’s high school years if taken care of properly. Presently I am fitting my son with one.

Your children will thank you for saving their teeth.